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FaceLift Your Spirits

Look and feel like a younger you with a facelift from Dr. Rosenstock.
Visit Dr. Rosenstock, a member of ASPS in Connecticut.
The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Inc.

A forehead lift,

also known as a brow lift, reduces forehead lines and creases and can improve frown lines that may appear between your eyebrows. Sagging eyebrows may also be lifted with this procedure, restoring a firmer, more youthful appearance to the upper portion of your face.

Eyelid surgery,

also known as blepharoplasty may be performed on the upper eyelids the lower eyelids or both. During eyelid surgery fatty deposits are removed or repositioned and excess skin and muscle tissues are often removed to brighten the appearance of the eyes.

The mid facelift,

sometimes referred to as a cheek lift, rejuvenates the center of the face in an area approximately from the corners of the eyes to the sides of the mouth. Underlying muscles and fat that have sagged over time are lifted back up onto the cheekbones.

A lower facelift

can help to reduce the appearance of deep facial wrinkles, sagging jowls and sagging in the neck, restoring a firmer, more youthful appearance. During a lower facelift underlying tissues and muscles are repositioned. Fat deposits are removed. Facial skin is tightened and excess skin is removed.

Plastic surgery is an investment in yourself.

With one of the top doctors of 2023, and a state-of-the-art facility, you will enjoy the results you seek while being treated by an experienced plastic surgeon and staff.

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Why Dr. Rosenstock?
  • Certified by the ABPS

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  • Member of ASAPS

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  • One-on-One Care

A full facelift is best described as a combination of separate procedures that affect different areas of the face. Not all people need the same procedures so what may be full facial rejuvenation for one person, may involve a slightly different set of procedures for another. Typically a full facelift involves a lower or mid facelift, forehead lift and sometimes eyelid surgery. Dr. Rosenstock can help decide the best options to give you the results you desire. A general overview is presented here and surgical details for individual procedures commonly performed during a full facelift can be viewed separately.

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My experience with Dr. Arthur Rosenstock was different than others I have had with the Park Avenue doctors I have consulted in the past. The way he approached my case was not only reassuring, but he made me feel secure and confident that I had made the correct decision to take this personally affirming step. He is thoughtful, meticulous (took so much time during my procedure that I had minimal discoloration), approachable and very human. I didn’t feel rushed ever, he answered all my questions Plastic Surgery
5 / 5